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The Anunnaki patron of sexuality, warfare, and fertility, Inanna embodies fierce passion and explosive action. Inanna is not one to sit idly by and watch as things unfold around her, but rather acts decisively, sometimes at inopportune times, to affect the outcome of any given activity. It was she who tricked Enki into providing the invaluable MEs needed to raise her region, the Fourth Region, to much higher civilization. It was she who traveled down to the Abzu after the death of her lover Dumuzi, and she who was killed by her sister, Erishkigal, Mistress of Death. Upon her revival, she did not slow, but continued to lead men and gods alike into both battles and passionate trysts, forever trying to fill the eternal void left within her soul by the passage of Dumuzi. That loss forever darkened her relationship with Marduk, whom she blames for Dumuzi’s demise. Oh, how she hated him, for centuries and eons, until she saw within him a spark of his brother, the Dumuzi that she loved so dearly. Then, thanks to the twisted machinations of Nergal, Marduk spurned her ardor, and mocked her lost love, and the heat of the rage that was kindled within her breast made her olden hatred for Marduk seem a cold and barren winter’s night in comparison. Now she leads the remnants of a faction of her people, originally inhabitants of the Fourth Region, now a scant and scattered handful of the descendants of workers sent to man the massive oil extraction platforms in the Gulf of what was once Mexico. Through her efforts, these “Sunset People” improve, and grow in strength and numbers in submerged deep-water facilities, while maintaining the facade of frailty on the surface. For they, like her, realize the value in a deceptive appearance. In hiding ones true strengths beneath a web of subterfuge.

In short, Inanna is a mind and soul divided in loyalty. Her heritage is such that she descends both from the House of Enlil (through her father Nannar) as well as the House of Enki (through her mother Ningal). Her love of Dumuzi drew her close to the House of Enki, and her hatred of Marduk drove her from it. As it is, her allegiance remains primarily to neither house, preferring her own company to the machinations of the rest of her clans. Who will claim her loyalty in the end remains to be seen.

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