A-1 Heavy armor

A1 Heavy armor


Heavy armor with advanced muscle motors to help carry heavy weapons, offer some of the best protection available to the Union. Weighs in at 120 pounds.
Protection against ballistics:14
Protection against Melee:10
Protection against energy:11
Offers enclosed breathing to protect against radiation, and gas attacks . Heavy muscle motors offer 4 Str. Night vision, and heat vision. (-8 to hiding motors make noise, and the suit can not be used without them. It is also bulky and clunky, not good armor for an ambush) Because of the motors this suit also helps the user aim via the HUD(1 dice pool) Solar recharged power packs allow battery to recharge. Battery will last for 48 hours of use. Recharge is 8 hours per day of good sunlight.


A-1 Heavy armor

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