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  • Victor Tobias Freeman

    Victor’s personality is something of an oxymoron. His expertise in infiltrating systems and hacking code is unmatched among his peers, and as such he places no faith whatsoever in electronic data storage and retrieval. He believes that if he is able to …

  • Jane Bulldog Hardcastle

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/89966/Bulldog_Jane_Hardcastle___by_Taclobanon_by_ravenwood0713.jpg(Bulldog jane hardcastle by taclobanon by ravenwood0713)!

  • Jerry McAlpine

    If it can be shot, exploded, burned, melted, or rammed, Jerry has done it at one time or another. He's a jovial self-taught munitions engineer from Butte, Montana, quick with a smart-assed comment or whitty retort. But it's typically a bad idea to get on …

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