Ormic Copper

Copper symbol 3

Planet: Venus
Honored Weekday: Friday
Patron: Inanna (Sumerian), Ishtar (Akkadian)
Inanna was the granddaughter both Enlil and Enki
Daughter of Nannar and Ningal
Brother of Utu and Ishkur
Base Metal: Copper

Gemstone: “Lapis Lazuli” – as this looks like blue ormic copper crystals.
Astrological Color: Blue
Ormic Crystal Color: Blue, but the effects that it produces are green plasma
Ormic Powers: Forcefields
Computer storage and control devices (like MEs)


Ormic copper

Ormic Copper Nanite Constructs: Sheildmaidens of Enlil

Ormic copper constructs 2

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Ormic Copper

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