Ormic Iron

Alchemy iron symbol

Planet: Mars
Honored Weekday: Tuesday
Patron: Nergal (Sumerian), Nimarad (Akkadian)
Nergal is the grandson of both Anu and Alalu
Son of Enki and Damkina
Brother of Marduk and Dumuzi
Base Metal: Iron
Gemstone: Jasper
Astrological Color: Red
Ormic Crystal Color: Orange
Ormic Powers: Containment – does not alloy with any other ormic metal
Energy Absorption

Iron metal and ormic

Ormic Iron Nanite Constructs:

The sentient microscopic nanites composed of ormic iron may cooperate as a colony to create fearsome armored constructs with which to attack or intimidate their foes. The glowing orange crystalline structure of the ormic iron acts as an energy absorbing sponge, drawing in power from all sources and releasing it as searing thermal heat. The constructs have even been known to form armor plating for further protection, and sometimes assume forms akin to those of their adversaries but with horrible and monstrous features to further intimidate. Lord Nergal is the master of the alchemical realm of the warlike planet Mars and its associated metal of iron, and gleefully uses the military advantage granted by mastery of an element with such innate destructive potential.

Ormic iron common footsoldier 2

Ormic iron golem

Ormic iron golem 2

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Ormic Iron

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