Ormic Lead

Ormic lead symbol

Planet: Saturn
Honored Weekday: Saturday
Patron: Ninurta (Sumerian)
Ninurta was the grandson of Anu
Eldest son of Enlil and Ninlil
Brother of Inanna and Ishkur
Base Metal: Lead
Gemstone: “Black Sapphire”; sapphire so dark blue as to appear black
Astrological Color: Black or Indigo
Ormic Crystal Color: Black

Ormic lead black sapphireOrmic lead black sapphire 1

Ormic Powers:**
Partial EMF Negation, resulting in a stealthed, or “muffled” result
Structural integrity highly resistant to alteration or physical damage
Acoustic energy absorbed is amplified upon release with sometimes destructive results – enough power output may be theoretically obtained to produce disintigration effects.
Legend holds that ormic lead strengthens barriers between dimensions, and can thereby close portals, or impede access of extradimensional entities to this universe.

Ormic Iron Nanite Constructs:

Ormic lead golem 1

Ormic lead golem 2

Ormic lead golem 3

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Ormic Lead

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