Ormic Mercury

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Ormic mercury

It is said by some that when the earth was young, all metals were liquid and flowed through cracks and channels in the still cooling earth like life’s blood through mineral veins. As the aeons passed, and the earth gradually cooled, slowly the other metals began to cool, and solidify into their rigid, immobile states, and rested rather than flowed freely. Only quicksilver evaded the hardening process, and was named Mercury, after the swift-footed messenger of the gods who remained forever young.

Mercury is one of the strangest substances on the planet. It is twice as dense as iron, and fourteen times heavier than water, yet remains a liquid at room temperatures. It is found in nature in its familiar liquid metallic state dispersed throughout its parent ore matrix, or occurring as the single ore form of cinnabar, or mercury sulphide. This deep red ore, sometimes known as ‘quicksilver blende’, transforms mercury’s heaviness into surprisingly light semiprecious crystals.

These crystals are an allusion to the stronger effect seen when mercury is converted to its ormic form. Ormic mercury is orange to red in color, pulsing and changing as easily as it changed form as liquid silver. Its density may be manipulated by varying the level of energy input provided the ormic mass, which converts the ormic crystals to a liquid form. When this ormic liquid is spun in a vortex, the density of the ormic mercury decreases to the point that lift is achieved for vehicles utilizing this principle for flight. Thus, altitude may be increased or decreased depending on the combination of energy input and spin. The ancient Annunaki utilized this principle often in their designs, for vehicles including both Ninurta’s ‘Black Bird’ and the Vimana’s of Inanna’s 4th Realm.

Mercury’s pervasive fluid nature also allows it (through any nanites that might be constructed from it) an infiltrating access to the systems of almost any vehicle or construction. As such, the ormic mercury golem can “melt” itself, forming tendrils and extensions that invade and override the control of such vehicles, effectively forming an artificial nervous system and electronic brain, and thus depriving the previous owner of control. Each ormic mercury golem may control only one single vehicle or structure in this manner at a time, else the unleashing of such a inorganic creature would be most devestating, indeed.

As ‘metallic water’, mercury dissolves soft metals by first moistening them, then absorbing them. It holds sway over gold, silver, tin, lead, and copper in this fashion. Only iron, its opposite in every way, is resistant to its powers of amalgamation. Iron is used to contain mercury, as is glass. Ormic mercury is also a poor conductor, but is extremely sensitive to the thermal release of ormic iron as it converts energy to heat. Mercury also acts as a catalyst, allowing the combination of ormic metals that may normally be incompatible.

Astrologically, mercury’s patron is Nabu, the son of Marduk and Sarpanit, and grandson of Enki.

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Ormic Mercury

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