Ormic Silver

Alchemy symbol for silver

Planet: Moon
Honored Weekday: Monday
Patron: Nannar (Sumerian), Sin (Akkadian)
Nannar was the grandson of Anu
Eldest son of Enlil and Ninlil
Brother of Ninurta
Base Metal: Silver
Gemstone: Black and White Sardonyx, for the light and dark phases of the moon
Astrological Color: White
Ormic Crystal Color: Blue
Ormic Powers: Antigravity
Inversion of effects
***Used to make Orichalcum, an almost indestructible alloy

When it comes to comparing the attributes of the seven planetary metals, none comes quite so close to perfection as does the ormic form of silver. In its base, untransformed form, silver is a better conductor of both heat and electricity than even gold, and this superb level of quality is reflected in its ormic state. Ormic silver possesses the trait of electron pair twinning, allowing for instantaneous communication and activation across any distance by means of engaging the function of its paired electrons bound to objects. Unlike gold ormus, which must be alloyed with the amplifying effect of ormic tin to produce a true antigravity effect, ormic silver alone is enough to both repel gravity and bend light around itself to render it visually and instrumentally invisible. When utilized in a specialized hourglass-like configuration (one that induces the flow of energy to form a vortex pattern), ormic silver may be used to reverse the effects of other ormic metals. Thus, ormic iron would absorb heat and expel other forms of energy, (the opposite of its normal process of absorbing energy and expelling heat). Some of the energy thus produced may be quite dangerous, and gives an excellent example of why silver and iron are said to be incompatible, or in opposition, to each other. The same holds true for gold, as silver’s power of reversal would nullify the amazing ormic effects of gold, rendering both inert when an alloy creation is attempted.

Ormic silver

Ormic Silver

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