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Systerra 6500

Conceptual module created from the mad mind of Kevin. It is a post apocalyptic setting in the year 6500 where Florida has been ravaged by war, and left to fend for itself. It is a land rich in environment, and culture. The many towns, and villages struggle to survive, and carve out a niche in the now baron and cruel landscape.

Systerra is inspired by a conglomeration of movies, and other games. It also draws from ancient legends, and lore. Easter eggs abound for those interested in Egyptian, Mayan, and Greek mythology. It also draws on modern science, and mysteries.

The idea of Systerra is more about the story then mechanics, but in order to have a skill based system we choose to use the rule set for Shadow Run . The world in which Shadow Run is set fits in well with Systerra.

Main Page

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